16, 17 ,18 NOVEMBER


What is the focus of TDW-Live?..

  • What is happening in the field of technical data NOW
  • Provide a platform to discuss the challenges affecting our sector
  • A look into what the key and core technological developments are in information production and deployment
  • 100% focused on the needs of our attendees.
  • Focused ILS (supportability) presentations.
  • Dedicated technical publications track.

Who will be there?

The TDW-Live event now firmly and well established on the technical data schedule attracts those who are involved in aerospace, defence and space technical data procurement, production and deployment.

  • Well attended and represented by the information supply chain, right up to defence level
  • Senior managers and representatives from leading supply chain organisations with a focused interest in technical data and support information.
  • Leading industry experts who understand the real challenges we face
  • Like minded professionals keen to share and learn experiences.