If we’re going to use S1000D, does that mean we are going to be expected to use the rest of the S-Series?

No. S1000D as it is today can still be adopted and used in isolation. You can still use it the way that we’ve been using it traditionally for years. We can use it either integrated with S2000M systems and talking to S2000M systems or we can just use S1000D as a method for creating xml technical publications. I don’t see it being an all or nothing anytime soon. I definitely don’t see it being a rule that if you use S1000D that you must use and list all the other S-series. I believe that for a long time yet you’re still going to be able to use S1000D in isolation without worrying too much about the other S-Series specifications if they’re not appropriate to you. I wouldn’t be worrying too much just yet. Now this question came in which I thought was really interesting because I am involved in this work that’s going on behind the scenes.