Sシリーズの堅牢性は十分だと思いますか? 準備はできていますか?




Do I think the S-Series is robust enough? Is it ready?

I’ve mentioned in some of the past tutorials, I’m just going to turn around and walk back down towards my cameras, that I’m not an ILS expert. I’m not an expert in many of what these specifications are trying to address, so I am not the best person to answer that question. However, I know people who are, so I ask that question to those that I trust and respect in the market. A couple of the comments that I’ve had is that they’re close but they’re not ready. Putting STE to one side, the reality is that these specs are not quite there yet. Some will tell you that there are gaps and big holes while others will be a little bit more specific. I had one comment from somebody who I know and trust who said the common data model is still not quite there. It’s still not quite polished and still needs a little bit of work. But I suspect with the level of effort and energy that’s going into these specifications that it won’t be long until they are nicely aligned and they’re ready for us to use.


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