Repair Cycle Time (RCT) (修理サイクルタイム)

RCT is an input variable (Sites/Support and Parts at Site/RCT) defined for each operating and support site.  It represents the average elapsed time measured from the moment a failed assembly reaches a repair facility to the moment it has reached that facility’s ready-for-issue stockpile. RCT is optional input. If it is left blank, the default value will be set to 0 and reported as a run anomaly. If there is some batching of the units of an item before repair begins (due to setup costs or other factors) the additional time should be added.

The retrograde time is the elapsed time from the failure of an item at a site (or a NRTS determination is made) until its receipt at the support site (next higher echelon) . The retrograde time from a site to its support site should be added to the support site repair time to obtain the TEMPO input value for the support site RCT. This is because the total time to repair an item includes the time to get it to the repair facility. Another way of looking at this is that a count of assets by location at a random point of time will typically find some in the retrograde pipelines and these must be accounted for in spares planning.

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