Are there any software tools available yet to start supporting the S-Series?

This is a really good question because none of these specifications would be made possible in terms of their adoption or implementation if we didn’t have the software vendors actually making it happen. Whilst I can’t share individual software companies that are working to implement areas or all of the S-Series specifications, I am going to be doing a tutorial on how the vendor market is going to change over the coming years because there are some organizations out there with a strategy for adopting the S-Series into their product line. Again, you aren’t doing any of this without software. If you want to do the S-Series, you’re going to have to align yourself with a software company and with somebody who can actually make it happen because these are specifications and the guys that will prepare you are the software companies. Yes, if you come to TDW live this year (I’ll put a link down below) there are some software companies that are going to be there that are already talking about how they are going to be supporting the S-Series and how we can make it all link. They will actually talk to each other so come along to TDW live for that. If you can’t make it physically to the event, then why not join us online? But yes, there are software companies starting to make the noises of supporting the S-Series specifications.


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