Do you think the S-Series will be widely adopted?

Now this is a good question. Look at how long it took for S1000D to become widely adopted. It was being used quite successfully on many projects but how long it took for the us to adopt it? How long has it taken Australia to adopt it? I’m supporting a lot of people in Australia right now and S1000D is a big subject for many of them. So, do I think it will be widely adopted? I think, like all of these specifications, it will be a slow burn and will eventually become the norm. Not in my employed career time, but I think it will become the norm. I don’t know but if we just look at what the market has done in the past and how slow it has been to adopt specifications. I don`t think we should wait to see if there is actually any benefit to adopting the specifications. I think it will take time. I won’t name organizations, but we are definitely seeing a lot of organizations start talking about how they’re going to be contracting to and for the S-Series. That will only trickle downwards from these groups at the top. So, I’m sure that you’re going to start seeing contract requirements calling out elements, parts, or even the entire S-Series, but I think it will take time.


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